Mold is a type of fungi that normally thrive in outdoor environments. These tiny organisms serve as nature’s recycling agents and breaks down the dead organic matter from animals or plants. For its survival, it releases spores that look out for food. For this reason, many human habitats provide the perfect conditions for mold to grow because homes are made of organic, dead material including wood, drywall, paper, and fabric.

Mold exposure and infestations pose serious threat to human health and cause severe problems to the eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs as well as respiratory problems and irritations. The residents of Vancouver have been facing massive mold menace. Being an area where there is lots of moisture, it has paved way for existence of mold inside homes and other buildings.

The toxic black molds found in metro Vancouver buildings are highly perilous and have been creating much havoc. Taking this into account, many organizations offer expert services for proper mold removal, cleaning and remediation to helpless customers. They use specialized equipment and many protective procedures to solve this menace of mold infestation.  

The basis of all mold problems in homes is moisture, as without water and moisture, mold cannot grow and survive. So, controlling the humidity levels in home or office will eventually control mold problems to a great extent. While some forms of mold are pivotal in the production of food, beverages, and antibiotics, the common molds found indoors are a concern and can be catastrophic.  

Mold removal process should also be forwarded with much caution as sometimes cleaning it can also turn out to be a hazardous move if done improperly or partially. Thus, mold must be contained and not permitted to cross contaminate other parts of the home or building, before cleaning is initiated.  One thing to always keep in mind is that, “the key to mold control is moisture control.” For more information please visit


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