The United States of America, December 06, 2013: The introduction of mobile phones followed by the latest innovation of smart phones and tablets has created vast scope for children to get carried away by the technology. Monitoring the activity of children on such devices is a very difficult task. Thankfully, software like Mobistealth Login have made is easier for parents as well as employers to keep tab on the activity being done on or through the target mobile devices. However, it is not exclusively for mobile phones and supports PCs too. It is a complete package for monitoring, recording and remote controlling the devices. The software supports various devices but offers different set of features for different OS.

The advent of smart phones has brought the dynamism of the World Wide Web right at the finger tips of even young children who are not mentally developed to handle such exposure. The online monitoring capability of Mobistealth lets parents to be aware of what kind of content their children get exposed to. The software records the browsing history and send alert to parents when inappropriate content are being surfed. It provides the complete history of online activity. Apart from the websites accessed, the software also captures instant messages sent via internet. Parents can actually see what messages are sent or received through instant messaging providers such as WhatsApp. However, Mobistealth Login supports different messengers for different mobile devices. So, parent will have to check what services their children use and whether that is supported by the software. Some messenger services supported are BblackBerry Messenger, MSN Chat, Yahoo Chat, Skype Chat and WhatsApp.

Mobistealth Login can efficiently record emails that are sent or received and even messages that exchanged via SIM network. The software can even penetrate into the applications installed on the device such as calendars in smart phones. It helps parents know about the appointments and schedules prepared by children. They can take action at the right time before it is too late. The features of Mobistealth also include full call recording capability with details as well as bugging to listen to chats while the device is not in use. The images that saved to the device can be displayed on the parent device. Keystroke logging and screenshot facility are also available.

The advantage that parents have is that they not only get the information but can take actions like restrict or block access to certain websites or content, applications, contact numbers, email addresses, etc. The latest addition to Mobistealth Login is Facebook chats and Google chats, which are the primary socialisation media on the Web. In fact, these features are so complete for spying, monitoring and controlling that the software can be aptly used by entrepreneurs to tap on the activities of their employees on office devices.

About Mobistealth Login


Mobilstealth Login is complete spyware for monitoring and remote controlling target mobile devices and PCs. The software supports Apple, Google, LG, Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry devices and Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry OS. Customer support is provided through online ticket generation. There is ample informative content is available as knowledge base and FAQs.