The sitting MLA of Serlingampally, Bikshapathi Yadav, has been nominated as the Congress candidate from the Serilingampally constituency for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. Bikshapathi Yadav is extremely thankful to the party chief Sonia Gandhi and the people of the constituency for making this happen. The ‘People’s Man’ as he is generally called, sees this as an opportunity to serve a bigger segment of the population, that has always remained his forte. 


“I consider this as my reward for hard work and the faith that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has reposed on me, puts me in front of a bigger challenge of proving my worth not only to the people of my constituency but for the people of the state of Andhra Pradesh,” acknowledges the seasoned leader of the masses.


Realizing that the election is a stiff challenge for the Congress party in the backdrop of the Telengana crisis in the state, the top brass of the party has decided to field such candidates who have wide acceptance among the masses and has proven record of working from the people by leading from the front. Bikshapathi Yadav fits the bill perfectly for the profile that the party has chosen.


He has charted out his way forward and said, “I will have to reposition myself to fit into the bigger role that has been entrusted on me by the party. People will remain to be my main strength of sustenance and focus. Development will be my keyword and every action will be directed towards it.” 

A member of local community of shopkeepers in Serilingampally said, “We will all vote for Bikshapathi Yadav. He has been our care taker all these days and we have full faith in him that the good that he has done for us will be extended if he can make a comeback.” 

The mass appeal of Bikshapathi Yadav cuts across all party lines due to his closeness to the people who view him as a person who is always available for their cause and ready to give his full support to realize their dreams. 

About Bikshapathi Yadav: 

Bikshapathi Yadav, aged about 58 years, is a frontline mass leader of the Congress party in Andhra Pradesh. He is the MLA from the Serilingampally constituency. For more information, visit

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