United Kingdom, January 14, 2015: Designed for heavy-duty and effective mist control, the UK based company has come up with a complete range of components to be used in the machine tools. The company focuses on products that reduce mist and the cycle times and improve the ROI of the machine tool companies. The oil mist collector creates a safe and pleasant workshop environment for client companies to quickly remove the mist and continue with the machining task.

According to the company spokesperson, their coolant mist collector can effectively remove the contaminants, keeping the machine operating process smooth and error-free. The collector makes the mist collection task a lot easier and helps improve the productivity. With a quick and effective filtration process, the mist collection is done to keep a machine or equipment in an excellent working condition.

The company has mist filter units in three different sizes with two types of filters. Thus, the systems are suitable for either coolant mist or oil mist. Simon Cook, the Managing Director of the Company, maintains, “We have an experienced design team that endeavors to create energy efficient coolant mist control systems for the targeted mist collection task of a particular industrial installation.” They aim at solving the mist control related tasks quickly and effectively.

The spokesperson reveals that the OMF unit or the CNC mist collector is connected directly to the machine tool and it runs when the coolant pump operates. The design team carries out a professional installation to ensure an efficient coolant mist control. They have different types of models for industries to install them and to witness effective mist control and separation at workshops and industrial installations.

With their full range of mist collectors, Mist Control UK intends to support the task of oil collection and ventilation and prevents cell contamination. It also helps create a safe working environment for the workforce and reduces health hazards for them. In order to check the entire range of mist filters and mist collectors available with them, one may visit the website www.mistcontroluk.com

About Mist Control UK

Mist Control is a division of AirBench Ltd, one of the UK’s leading dust and fume extraction manufacturers. AirBench have been in designing, manufacturing, and marketing of the UK’s leading range of downdraught benches for more than 20 years. The AirBench team has decades of experience in the design, manufacture and support of a range of Local Exhaust Ventilation equipment.

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