Hong Kong, 19, September 2014: The emergence of numerous factories and different types of businesses have accelerated the demand for steel made products. Tinplates production goes back to 14th century Bohemia. It usually stands for tin coating over the cold rolled coil surface for prevention of rust. It features decide the utility in the tin plate packaging industry. Development trends have ensured thinner thickness and lesser tin coating to be flexible for can industry saving costs. Mirach Metallurgy Co. Limited is involved in the production of tin plate products for 15 years. Used in packaging for food and industrial cans, it offers sheets and coils for various uses. All of its tinplate items come with features and characteristic in various sizes for long term use. Corrosion resistance properties are available in these products. Choosing the right variety of coating weight, container contents can be saved from undesirable corrosion resistance. Tin plate surfaces come with finishing in bright, stone, super stone, matte and silver. 

Mirach Metallurgy

Mirach manufactured tinplates enables printing and paint ability. This requires various inks and lacquers. Tinplates are required for manufacture of different varieties of cans. Strength and formability is another feature of these products. After choosing a right temper grade, proper formability is achieved for various applications and the desired strength after formation. Metallic luster is another distinguishing feature. 

Mirach is a world class tin free steel manufacturer and supplier. These products have strong and beneficial characteristics for uses in all purposes. Paint adhesion properties make it a useful product for the seamless manufacture of adhesive boned cans and DRD cans. These TFS products are heat resistant. Baking in high temperatures doesn’t cause deterioration and discoloration. Sulphide resistant properties are also found in TFS while canning foodstuffs like protein rich fish. These products are under film corrosion resistant. Dispersion colours and detergents as alkaline products can be seamlessly and packaged in TFS. 

The Hong Kong based company manufactures and supplies prepainted galvanized steel coil and sheets. The products of Mirach are shipped to countries like USA, Canada, Chile, Italy, Germany and Singapore. On a regular basis, it engages fresh developmental phases bringing improvement in quality standards to cater to the demands in overseas markets. The pricing policy of the company’s product is at par with international markets. Tax subsidiary as per the domestic policy also affects the prices. Up to 20,000 million tonnes of TFS and Tinplate steel can be manufactured by the company per month. 40,000 million tonnes of PPGI is monthly output. 

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Mirach Metallurgy Co. Limited specializes in the manufacturing and supplying tinplate products Tin free steel and PPGI. It is in this business for 15 years catering to the needs of many clients worldwide. Visit the website for more information on the company offerings. 

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