Meeting new people can be intimidating, which is one of the many reasons to look for opportunities to meet new singles online.

August 2015 — Modern day singles are waiting longer to marry, are more particular about who they marry, and invest more time in dating before making a commitment. In fact, today’s singles want to go on multiple dates—not necessarily to play the field, but to further identify what they are really looking for in a partner. The challenge is that there can be a lot of pressure in finding new prospects, which is why many choose to meet singles online.

“While we must all put ourselves out there while going about our daily routine, it is simply easier to meet people online. Not only that, our website allows you to meet local singles with similar interests, and to mingle electronically before meeting in person.” Robert Steeger, founder of

At, singles can meet singles online who share in common interests, as well as browse through profiles of local singles. Once a photo, profile, or video strikes someone’s interest, singles can connect by instant messaging or video chatting. If things go well, a live date can be scheduled—or singles can simply keep searching for someone who is a better match.

“It’s not that meeting someone online takes all the pressure off, but it allows you to get to know someone a bit before you meet in person. In other words, it takes the “blind date” level of nervousness out of the equation.” Robert Steeger's motto is "Meet Singles Online." Members can join for free, and can browse singles by their country of choice.

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