PORTSMOUTH, NH - Sep. 17, 2013 - In his 60-page book I Forgive, written as a “long letter,” Nathaniel B. Copeland reminds men to love and forgive like Christ did as well as embrace and accept God’s primary purpose. The book uniquely focuses on self-forgiveness, that is to say forgiving oneself, in order to achieve greater victories in life.

“Remember, Satan desires to make you feel guilty about everything,” said the author. “He will do anything to keep you off track; to keep you off focus.” This is why the author believes it is so important to forgive not just others, but yourself.

I Forgive is available in paperback and ebook starting at $2.99. Books can be purchased at Amazon.com and other fine retailers.

About the author:
In 1998, Nathaniel B. Copeland retired from Meridien Emergence Markets, a financial info book publishing company located in Alexandria, VA (which has since relocated to New Jersey). Nathaniel is also a staff elder at the Bibleway Temple Church in Washington, DC. He attended the Medgar Evers Division of New York City College for three years, and attended bible school for ten years. He has one married daughter and two great grandchildren (so far). He can be found at http://www.nathanielcopeland.com.

About the publisher:
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