Pensacola, FL — May 24, 2016
Female car owners have no need to break a sweat when keeping their own rides clean and shiny. These car owners are in a for a treat as company Microtidy releases the latest addition to its range of products — the Microfiber Cleaning Towel Set that can be purchased in a pack of 12. Microfibers have revolutionized the way car owner clean their cars; this material has continued to contribute immensely to the auto detailing and cleaning industry.

What makes microfiber an excellent choice for cleaning?  Its material makeup comprises a combination of polyamide and polyester.  Polyamide gives it strength and durability, while polyester gives it amazing absorbency. Each synthetic fiber is as tiny as 1/100th of the human hair’s diameter. Weave densities of microfiber cleaning towels vary depending on the principal purpose of the product.

Car owners are now able to clean their own cars more easily without having to spend so much extra time. Spider webs, the tiny swirls that appear on a car surface tend to be difficult to remove. However, with the presence of microfiber cleaning towels, eliminating these spots is a breeze, thanks to the technology of microfibers.  Besides being tremendously absorbent when drying your automobile, there will also be no more scratches!

As per the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences of the University of Washington, micro- fiber cloths are capable of picking up microbes and capturing bacteria, compared to regular cloths made of cotton materials. The Davis Medical Center of the University of California has backed up this claim after finding out that microfiber material effectively reduces bacteria by as much as 99% compared to the 33% bacterial reduction of cotton-loop materials.

These microfibers are designed for multiple purposes. However, despite being used for various purposes, the microfiber towels are designed to prevent any extent of cross —contamination. The colors are also coded so female car owners can designate the other towels for bathroom, kitchen, or general home use.  These owners can certainly reduce the time spent on cleaning with the efficiency of Microtidy’s Microfiber towel set.
Using microfiber towels are highly effective when it comes to allergy conscious consumers.  No more chemicals; just use water, the universal solvent. Throw in wash and air dry! What could be simpler?

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