Pensacola, FL — May 25, 2016
A survey shows that microfiber cloths can remove viruses and bacteria without using chemicals

After much research showing the negative impact of the chemicals we use every day on our health, many people became more concerned. Innovative and environmentally-safe products claiming that they are free of chemicals appeared. The target audience for such cutting-edge cleaning products: people who worry about chemical cleaners and the dangers and harm it brings to their families and pets, not to mention damage to surfaces.

Microfiber cloths are used as the leading edge, state of the art, chemical-free cleaning tool. They are usually made of polyester or nylon fibers. They are frayed into myriad microscopic strands which are created to trap and lift germs and dirt effectively, absorbing liquids. Chemical cleaners have a different mechanism of action. They are made to dissolve dirt and to kill germs on contact.

Using microfiber cloths became popular in Scandinavia in the 1990s and soon after that, this trend came to the U.S. Nowadays, microfiber cloths are widely available and quite popular among those who want to avoid chemicals while cleaning. They have evident qualities in removing dirt and microorganisms.

The microfibers' ability to remove germs has been studied carefully by scientists. The results come from researches made in restaurants, hospitals, restaurants and industries which use microfiber cloths for their cleaning purposes. Microfiber clothes were trusted to ensure top environmental performance without chemicals.

"A damp microfiber cloth is a really good tool for removing microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria," claims Kristen Gibson who is a microbiologist at the University of Arkansas who published a study in 2012. It compared the performances of the various types of cleaning cloths on food-preparation surfaces without chemicals during the cleaning process.

This study was funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It proved that microfiber is truly effective in removing viruses. It has better performance than terry-cloth and nonwoven cloths for preventing the transferring of viruses from one surface to another.
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