Miami, Florida — 26th, May, 2016
A new product seems to be revolutionizing Amazon customers. Made of highly resistant microfibers, the Microtidy Cleaning Towel set is becoming trendy among buyers that seek for innocuous cleaning means to keep their vehicles in perfect conditions.

Available in packs of 6 and 12 units, the microfiber towels come in vibrant blue and yellow colors who do not fade over time. The advantages that buyers relate include the easiness and velocity in which the towels allow achieving a perfectly clean and bright surface without the having to spend time, effort and money on additional polishers or buffer pads.

Although primarily created for automotive care, the towels have demonstrated to be suitable to clean and maintain any surface, even the most delicate furniture, since they do not spoil any finishing or waxing.

Microfiber is a non-abrasive synthetic material made of polyester and polyamide. Polyester is an effective dust remover and polisher, while polyamide has potent absorbent properties. Allergic buyers prefer these cleansing towels that get underneath dirt lifting it without smearing it.

Additionally, since the material traps the dirt and germs itself, there is no need to use chemical products to achieve a perfect clean.  This product is definitely revolutionizing the cleaning industry as it provides outstanding results without harming health while protecting the environment. Besides preventing cross contamination and environmental damage, microfiber towels have longer duration than typical fabric mops and towels. This contributes to waste generation. Definitely, Amazon customers are opting for quality, durability, and greener lives.

JMONLINEPRODUCTS LLC sells the product, a reputable Pensacola based vendor that has been offering original, useful and quality products since (year). Utility, simplicity, and high quality seem to be the words that best describe their products.
They can be found online at their Amazon Store, or at their customer service phone: 888-876-9993
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