Michael Palance is the actor and producer who has recently made announcements about the much awaited premiere disney audition. Currently working as an executive producer for the popular reality show which is named as My Hollywood, the prominent figure has learned a thing to two about identifying talents in the American show business.

The Disney is an international name and it has been used for several successful projects. One of the pioneer and most popular projects being the giant amusement park. Today it the show business has taken up this name and has offered the world many leading brands like the Disney film productions and other talent brands like the Disney club where some of today’s international celebrity talents were discovered like Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and many more. With such a successful history behind the brand name, it came as no surprise to the public when there was a lot of hype after the announcement of the premiere disney audition. Some of the close sources have revealed that this very particular audition is set to attract over thousands and perhaps even millions of young talents. As per the predictions of the general public, narrowing down the search to the right candidates will be a tough choice for the professional judges. So far, the media has not been making a lot of fuss about the name behind this giant project auditions — Michael David Palance.

There are claims that unlike most other auditions, this particular one will be opening its doors to young candidates from countries like the Philippines, China, Japan, Africa, India and many other countries. However, the authenticity of the source has not yet been confirmed. Back home in America, the launches of the premier auditions have alerted all the young talents, and there are reports that most of the younger kids have started intensive practise. For more information please visit http://michaeldavidpalance.com/

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Michaeldavidpalance is the official web site of the famous actor and producer, Michael Palance. The prominent figure began his career as a teen in New York, and today he has come a long way. currently, he is working as executive producer of the reality show, My Hollywood.

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