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Cutler Bay, FL - Rev. Fr. Lucien Eugene Pierre of Miami, Fla., firmly believes that education is the most effective way to end poverty. So he is working hard to raise money for a technical school in Haiti.

In 2010, Pierre founded the Three Hands Foundation (THF), a nonprofit group focused on helping families and young people in Haiti. Working with the Fondation de l'esperance d'Haiti, another non-government charitable organization, the THF is developing plans to build the Technical Institute in Cap-Haitian, a city on the country’s north coast.

“We are convinced that Haiti and its people deserve better,” said Pierre. “Education is the first tool we can use to start rebuilding Haiti and turning things around. With training and education, young Haitians can get better jobs and help move the country into the 21st century, technology-wise.”

Initially, the Technical Institute will provide vocational and technical training. The long-range goal, however, is to progressively evolve into a full university with 1,200 students.

The university will include administrative and professor offices, classrooms, laboratories, workshops, auditorium, gymnasium, library, cafeteria, several sports facilities and recreational areas, computer rooms, student lounge room, recreation rooms and dormitories.

THF has secured land for the Technical Institute. An estimated $3,000,000 is needed for project design, construction, labor, materials and equipment.

In order to generate this funding, Pierre has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. “There is a Haitian Creole saying that goes like this: ‘bay piti pa vle di chich,’” Pierre said. “It means giving a small amount does not mean you are a miser. We are very appreciative of all contributions.

“This is an opportunity to make a huge impact on someone’s life. For those who cannot donate, we ask that they help spread the word to friends, family and colleagues.”

Pierre acknowledges that the THF is facing a tremendous challenge. “We believe that faith, patience, perseverance and solidarity can turn this dream into reality,” he said. “We are counting on people all over the world to help support this cause.”

For additional information, visit ; the Three Hands Foundation website, ; or the THF Facebook page,

Pierre can be reached directly at [email protected]

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