Kingston-upon-Hull,- MessageStream, the leading provider of hosted email anti-spam services in the UK, has just announced their fourth Gold Award in succession in the coveted VBSpam test. This means they have consistently won awards since the test was started.

The test, conducted by industry renowned Virus Bulletin, pitted MessageStream against no fewer than 13 major contenders. With a spam capture rate of almost 99.5%, it has now been independently recognised as one of a small number of solutions able to offer a genuine 99% spam capture rate.

"We are delighted to have achieved four consecutive VBSpam Gold awards,” said Nick Marshall, Managing Director of Giacom World Networks Ltd, the company behind MessageStream. “Our anti-spam experts work tirelessly to ensure MessageStream provides outstanding results to businesses throughout the UK, Europe and beyond, so it's very satisfying to have all that hard work and effort recognised repeatedly, when pitched against other products and services from across the world."

Using the latest advanced spam-detection technology, MessageStream is one of the most cost-effective ways of solving the problem of junk email. It is a hosted cloud-based spam service, meaning users can add it to their existing system quickly and easily, with minimal technical knowhow.

"The little maintenance it requires is one of the reasons many organisations opt for a hosted anti-spam solution,” said Virus Bulletin Test Director Martijn Grooten. “But what is more important is that such a solution actually works. Four consecutive VBSpam Gold awards show that not only is MessageStream up to its task but also that, with spam constantly changing, its developers are doing a very good job at staying ahead of the spammers."

Customers can opt for the individual antivirus and spam blocker solutions only however, many choose the extended service, which for a little extra includes email archiving, email continuity and disaster recovery solutions for comprehensive spam solutions. An online price pack is available from the website, which includes the various pricing options as well as an overview of MessageStream's benefits and applications.

For more information about MessageStream, visit or phone 0800 075 5577