Men who want to wear something unique can create and wear their own designs. ClothesMake has a professional customization system that allows men to design a garment that matches their taste, from the choice of fabric to the number of pockets and buttons their suit should have.

CM’s skilled tailors ensure that every garment fits the customer’s body shape. To do so, they use their database and the photos given by the customer to verify the measurements submitted to them. After confirming the customer’s weight, height and age and the occasion they will wear the suit for, the tailors can start making the clothes. The fabric is cut once the final pattern is made. This meticulous process ensures that all ClothesMake personalization shirts are tailored to perfection.

Since custom shirts are among the latest trends in men’s fashion, CM gives men the freedom to incorporate their desired design elements in their garment. They can choose the cuffs, pocket design, collar style and button material to create a suit that reflects their personal style. Those who don’t have any idea about what design elements to include in their suit can get advice from CM.

A measurement tutorial video is provided to help men get accurate measurements. They can also let CM do the computing of their body measurement range. They only need to input the US standard size of garments they wear or their weight and height. Those with a standard BMI can get personalized clothes based on the US standard size. CM recommends making adjustments for those with special body parts. All clothes are ironed from top to bottom to maintain the garment’s design and shape. CM also checks and fixes any stink or ironing trace, so the person who designed the garment can wear it right away.

One of the best things about ClothesMake personalization shirts is that the garments are offered at extremely reasonable prices. Since CM doesn’t have excessive retail overheads and markups, they are able to share these savings with their customers. This allows interested individuals to customize even the color and sleeves of their suit within their budget, giving them the right amount of elegance and individuality they need at a reasonable price.

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