Heilongjiang, China, 13, May 2016: A great range of handmade silver Skull Jewelry is now available on the online store of MENSSKULL.com. The online jewelry boutique shop keeps updating its stock from time to time, adding new designs for customers to choose from. One can find a wide variety of skull rings, skull necklaces, silver skull bracelets, skull pendants and other items that can match his personal sense of styling.

According to the spokesperson of the online store, they are the specialists when it comes to designing unique skull shapes that one can wear with an exciting piece of silver jewelry. They have a wide variety of designs for a customer to choose from and showcase a unique macho look. Each and every piece of jewelry is handmade and dedicated designers and workers chisel every piece carefully and meticulously to create an exceptional item. From manuscript to the final design process, everything is done with an immense love and care so that a customer can get an excellent skull design for their style enhancement.

MENSSKULL has a great Skull Ring collection, made from international standard 925 silver. These rings are available in a standard size of 21mm height and 20mm width and weigh around 17g. A team of hard working designers designs these rings manually and they often require 5-10 days time to create a unique ring. They maintain a rigorous production process where each step is carried out manually. From grinding to polishing and creating the final product, they work hard to deliver an elegant ring with an exceptional skull figure.

Customers can also view their excellent Skull Necklace range available online and can choose the best necklace to suit their personal style. They have a wide range of necklace designs and skull pendants for a customer to choose from. Each necklace is made of the finest quality silver and features a beautifully crafted design for customers. To choose from a wide variety of skull jewelries, one can visit the website http://www.mensskull.com .

About MENSSKULL Jewelry Co., Ltd.

MENSSKULL designs and handmade Silver Skull jewelry, tailored for the individual customer. They pursue details and high quality for customers to purchase jewelries with original design, fine polishing and a perfect style. They have the best designers whose work is unique. Each designer has more than ten years of manual production skills. They can help customers in getting the best and coolest jewelry at reasonable prices.

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