Melody Music Maker which happens to be a famous music creating app has recently gotten a major update, meant to put it back on track and to make it better for all of its users.

After millions of iPads have been sold all around the world, it remains one of the best for those who would like to be creative from different points of view, as the device allows anyone to create music, draw, or edit things thanks to the wide array of apps.

Melody Music Maker is one of the apps which are present on the iPad and which can grant users the possibility to create music according to their desire. The iPad app was created by Koen Verjans who had a passion for music since his early years. As soon as the iPad was released, he saw a lot of potential in the device and decided that it would be great if he could combine the music theory that he knows with the intuitive touch screen technology that is provided by the Apple iPad. With this factor in mind, Melody Music Makrer was created at a moment when the developer was in between jobs and has been going steadily since first released.

Now, as an effort to promote it to more people, the app has received a major update, meant to add in a large number of functions, while also making it more popular. To put things better into perspective the app can be used for song composing as it offers a clear user interface that allows users to compose songs regardless of whether they have any theoretical music knowledge, as the app already contains data about the circle of fifths, chord progressions and more. Next to the new 128 build in sounds, users will be happy to know that by using MIDI, they can easily go ahead and control a multitude of devices, therefore making sounds via the controllers offered.

As it stands out by making the process of composing harmonic songs easier, the app gives users the possibility to easily create great songs, without needing to work with the app too much. Anyone who is a music making amateur can go ahead and try( Melody Music Maker out and see that it does everything as promised, while also offering an impeccable array of features.

Those interested can also go ahead and have an interview with the developer, Koen Verjans.

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