Wyzerr launches bright, colorful surveys that look and feel like games to replace long, time-consuming customer feedback forms.

February 10, 2015 (Los Angeles, CA) — From fast food restaurants, to hotels, airlines, concerts, and even classrooms, it’s hard to go anywhere these days without being asked to provide some form of feedback. While it’s commendable that so many companies care about what their customers think, it’s absurd and unrealistic to believe the modern consumer will spend the average 15 minutes it takes to complete each survey.  New startup Wyzerr has a simple solution for businesses: give customers a survey that is fun, fast, and easy. Wyzerr builds surveys that look and feel like games but capture a large volume of customer feedback data in the process. The six month old startup boasts that it can capture responses to a 25-question survey in less than 60 seconds.

    “While most survey makers, like Survey Monkey and Qualtrics, focus on getting as much data as possible, we focus on user experience. If the customer doesn’t enjoy taking the survey, he/she won’t complete the survey or provide honest feedback,” says co-founder and lead designer Stedmon Harper. Harper is quick to point out that Wyzerr surveys are more than just unique user interfaces.  The company utilizes proprietary machine-learning algorithms to create “smart surveys” that understand the customer taking it. “If your response to a question is ‘my hamburger was terrible,’ Wyzerr will then ask questions relating to the temperature, seasoning, meat or bread quality of the burger before it goes on to the next question.”

    Wyzerr’s unique approach to big data seems to be working well for the company. Early pilots of the platform are returning an impressive 83% completion rate average in an industry that typically sees .04% completion on surveys. The company, which signed a 66-store restaurant chain 24-hours after the startup was founded on June 6, 2014, is currently bootstrapping. When asked what’s the vision for Wyzerr, co-founder and head programmer Natasia Malaihollo replied with a sly smile “to replace Survey Monkey.”

Website: http://www.wyzerr.com

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