An informative article explains how to deduct medical and dental expenses and, in some cases, travel and prescription medication costs. The author offers insight into an opportunity for those who pay out of pocket and don’t have health insurance.

August 04, 2016 — Tax expert and author Frank Ellis has launched an article on explaining how medical/dental expenses can be claimed as deductions on tax returns. He also reveals other costs that can be written off, such as travel and prescription medication costs. Those without health insurance, and who pay out-of-pocket for all care, must itemize their deductions.

Such deductions cannot be taken with a standard deduction claim, the author says. Also, medical expenses must be more than 10% of one’s adjusted gross income. This is reduced to 7.5% for people 65 and older. The author explains these thresholds and then lists a series of qualifying expenses.

Listed on IRS Publication 502, these include examples such as appointment costs under certain circumstances, preventative disease care, ambulatory transportation, and insurance premiums for medical Care. Ellis lists several other qualifying thresholds, which also include tolls paid while traveling to a doctor or medical facility, and public transportation.

After listing several changes to the medical and dental tax deduction, Ellis explains that one cannot claim the deduction if funds have been used from a health savings account. For plans that aren’t tax free, the author says proper documentation must be included with the deduction for a decision by the IRS whether to accept them or not.

Ellis also says that receipts can be printed at a medical office, and statements obtained from a pharmacy, to show the IRS proof of the expenses. He also suggests using TurboTax Online, which provides instructions so one gets the deductions and credits they are eligible for. It also imports W-2 information electronically so refunds can be received sooner.

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