MC NIKHIL Is Young And Rapper From Mumbai . Mostly underrated artist from the hiphop sceneRecognised as a true budding talent in the rap fraternity, MC NIKHIL (Nikhil Parcha) is coming off of the most productive season of his music career. Following the success.

He started his career in hip-hop when he was 10years old .He started hip-hop Dance and did it for 4 years then in 2019 He switched his hobby from dance to Rapping .He did his schooling in Stanislaus high school bandra. 

The most viral rap of Mc Nikhil was” Hard baat ” which crossed 1.4k views and he gained lots of subscribers through it. The most supportive person who supports Nikhil is he’s Family and Friends . Nikhil’s close friends helped him to make rap songs .

He calls his close friends homeis, some Close friends name : Sammer shaikh, saurabh, sumit and akash, akash is also the manager of Mc Nikhil who manage all the deals.