China - The screw barrel is the component which should be very crucial for the plastic molding equipments. The working conditions of the screw barrel are always high temperature, certain corrosion, strong wear and high torque work. Therefore, the expert from the professional injection screw barrel manufacturer, which website is , has said the performance of the screw must be in line with the below factors.

A. High temperature resistance and non-deforming
B. Excellent ability of wear-resistant and long service life
C. High corrosion resistance because the materials has corrosion ability
D. High strength to withstand high torque and high speed
E. Small deformation after heat process

From the above requirements, people should have answer about which kinds of materials could be used for making the screw barrel? It must be the materials which have high resistance to these evil conditions. Now, the professional manufacturer for screw barrel would take their working as example to tell people which types of materials they could apply to manufacturer screw barrel.

The No.1 material should be the No.45 steel which is cheap and has good screw barrel processing performance. Maybe the cheap cost of this steel has let it has poor wear and tear and the ability for corrosion resistance. This should be mainly used in producing the low end products.

The No.2 material should be the 40Cr steel which performance is better than No.45 steel but the 40Cr should be coated with a layer of chromium to increase the capacity of its resistance to corrosion and wear and tear. However, the requirement for the chromium layer is very high. It would be easy-to-wear of the coating is too thin. On the other hand, too thick coating would be easy to be peeled. The price of this material is relatively high, not to mention the finished products which had used this kind of materials.

The comprehensive performance of the nitrided steel and 38CrMoAl is very excellent and the application of this material into the conical twin screw barrel from is also widely. Generally, the thickness of the nitride layer should be 0.4 to 0.6 mm. But the ability of hydrogen chloride corrosion resistance of this material is very low and the price is higher than others.

The last kind of material which would be used for manufacturing the screw barrel should be the high temperature alloys which have better performance than other materials. This material does not need the coating material, which could be mainly used for the special plastic injection molding machine. The oxidation resistant and corrosion resistance of the screw barrel with this material is very high. This is the ideal material for screw barrel making. Most of products from are made of this material.

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