Simi Valley, California - According to Mary Morrissey, transformational life coach, information is more readily available to the average person today than ever before. However, most people do not actually put into practice what they learn as a result of self-help books, videos and programs.

"Shelf help," as Mary Morrissey, located on the web at , refers to it, means that someone studies a self-help book then places it on the shelf. They may be able to parrot all the talking points of the program, but their lives do not reflect these teachings in the form of results. "I was one of those people," says Ms. Morrissey.

For the first decade she was certified, she found that she could teach others the principles of life coaching but there were areas of her life that did not reflect her knowledge being put into action. Ms. Morrissey refers to this phenomenon as the "I Know That" syndrome. When she realized that "knowing about something was not knowing it," she became interested in transformational life coaching as an alternative to the traditional "self-help" approach.

"Self-help hurts when we know about things that are not showing up in our lives," Mary Morrissey says. She claims that the most successful people are those who are willing to be uncomfortable for the sake of growth. People must be willing not only to talk about change but also to make real changes that affect their lives.

Mary Morrissey is a life coach who puts these ideas into practice. With the help of the Life Mastery Institute's unique training programs, thousands of people have learned the transformational approach to life changing and have gone on to successfully implement these principles in their own lives as well as teach them to others.

About Mary Morrissey:

Mary Morrissey is a life coach and operates the Life Mastery Institute in Simi Valley, California. For more than 30 years, Mary Morrissey has helped those who want to overcome life obstacles to gain strength and purpose and attack their problems in a positive way. As a transformational trainer, Ms. Morrissey is responsible for teaching thousands a better way to handle life issues.

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