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Modern window solution by Marvin Architectural brings back old style and glamour

London, United Kingdom, January 12th, 2011 Window and door supplier Marvin Architectural (www.marvin-architectural.co.uk) is to deliver stocks of its revolutionary modern wooden sash window into the lots of its mainland customers this month. The new style wooden sash, which aims to re-imagine the glorious look and feel of the old wooden sash but with modern functionality and emissions safety, will soon start appearing on both new build projects and in refurbishment contexts across the mainland countries of Britain.

Marvin Architectural has recognised that the sash window itself is one of the best loved and most attractive features of any British home and that the factors stopping it from being widely used in this age of low emissivity glass and soundproofing should and could be easily got around. The new look wooden sash window created by Marvin Architectural, then, has all the grandeur and beauty of an old style sash but has been updated with low emission double glazing, superb seals and a whole new set of hardware, which is guaranteed to keep the sash rising and falling through any combination of temperature and humidity.

The lifting mechanism in the new wooden sash employs sturdy and non-degradable materials meaning that the rope and pulley system that used to stick and eventually weld itself shut, in the old style wooden sash window, is now freely moving and completely reliable. In addition, the new style window comes with standard fittings of extremely highly energy rated glass, which guarantees a minimal heat transfer either from inside to out or from outside to in; and a similarly small amount of noise leakage in both direction.

More than adequate to comply with current environmental health, the glazing in the newly imagined wooden sash combines a rich, wide aspect with the best in modern glazing technology.

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Marvin Architectural is a UK based company with expertise in the field of designing and providing a wide range of doors and windows including French doors, casement windows, sliding sash windows and wooden sash windows.

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