USA; 14, July 2016: A lot of people still smoke cigarettes in USA and in other countries around the world quite passionately. Diehard and inveterate smokers have their own cigarette brands and are very particular about smoking their chosen brand. Two such popular brands of cigarettes in the US that are undoubtedly the bestselling brands in that country are Marlboro and Newport. To speak in terms of figures, Marlboro cigarettes brand complete with all the varieties including the Marlboro Regular, Marlboro Red 100S , Marlboro Gold 100S, Marlboro Lights, and Marlboro Menthol (to name a few) is the top-selling in the North American nation. is a leading website that retails and supplies a variety of cigarette brands marketed by R.J Reynolds and Philip Morris International owners of Newport cigarettes brand and Marlboro brand respectively. Smokers can place an online order for their specific favorite brand of cigarette via this site. The site inventories and retails an eclectic variety of cigarette brands and one can order as per his or her own choice brand. One can place an order in bulk choosing a brand by category that popular ones such as Marlboro, Newport, Luck Strike, L&M, Parliament, Dunhill, Camel, Benson and Hedges, Hilton, Rothmans, and Sovereign to name a few.

The best thing about placing an order in bulk is that one gets a hefty discount on the entire offer. For instance, a customer ordering ‘cheap Newport Box Cigarettes’ for 10 cartons has to pay just $`175.00 which comes to $17.50 per carton. Then again, someone ordering 90 cartons of Newport 100S cigarettes ends up paying $990.00 or $11 per carton that is indeed quite cheap compared to buying offline, and hence supremely affordable. All the brands that are listed on the portal have their distinctive aroma or flavor and are available in different sizes (the length of the stick) produced by the companies.

The different varieties and styles of Marlboro cigarettes manufactured and packaged by the producers are always available on this popular site. In case a particular brand is not available, the customer can rest assured that the same will be delivered as soon as fresh stocks are supplied to the retailer. The greater the volume of the order, the better is the price that the client gets (read cheaper). The site has umpteen steadfast customers who can vouchsafe for the originality of the products supplied. Additionally, the individual placing an order can take it for granted that the package he or she receives contains products of unquestionable quality.

The site makes it a point to see that the package is delivered at the earliest. The customer has the option of clearing payment through bank transfer or via Western Union.

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The aforementioned website is a leading of Newport and Marlboro brands of cigarettes, the highest selling brands in the US. The firm also vends other popular cigarette brands.

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