UNITED STATES; February 26, 2016 — One of the leading stock chart providers, MarketVolume®, now offers a wide range of unique stock trading tools and services that will help investors and stock traders understand further the price trend.

MarketVolume has been in the stock market industry since 1999, and has been performing stock market researches in order to come up with the latest technologies to incorporate with their information delivery methods. Their patented technologies deliver an elaborate set of information needed to achieve success in stock trading.

Through years of intensive volume research, MarketVolume® introduced the propriety modulated volume technology to solve the normal volume fluctuations and spikes from volume analysis, found on other brands’ stock charts. MarketVolume® is the only stock chart provider that delivers the propriety modulated volume technology, which will analyze volume on intraday in real-time. Because it does not get affected by a specific volume intraday behavior, volume analysis becomes more accurate.

In light of that, MarketVolume® also offers a myriad of volume indicators apart from modulated volume. That includes MV Money Flow, MVMF Histogram, MVO (MarketVolume® Oscillator), SBV Volume, SBV Flow and Histogram, SBV Oscillator, and the Up-Down Momentum and Volume.

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About MarketVolume®
In pursuit of deepening user’s understanding about trading and US stock market, MarketVolume® offers a wide range of tools, charts and informative newsletters. It incorporates the latest technologies with the way they deliver stock trading information to their clients, in order to increase trading success rates.

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