UNITED STATES; March 15, 2016 — MarketVolume®, one of the industry’s premier provider of trading tools and services since 1999, today introduced the Selling Buying Volume (SBV) Trading System among its other profitable trading tools.

Selling and Buying Volume (SBV) Trading System is based on the concept that volume and volatility, together with price, should be included in the analysis of stocks, instead of forecasting the direction of stock indices with solely the price trend as the indicator. “The trend is always described by change in three elements: A) price, B) volume traded during this price change and C) volatility of this price change.”

The majority of stock charts found on the web focuses only on the price trend and tends to neglect the aforementioned two technical indicators, and thus resulting to immediate vulnerability of both traders and investors.

One of MarketVolume®’s clients revealed in his statement that the volume-based trading system is what paved the way for his trading success, "The reason [MarketVolume®’s] service called my interest is because I apply the same principle to trade in emini SP and it is the only way I discovered to be successful in trading — VOLUME."

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About MarketVolume®
MarketVolume® offers a comprehensive set of tools and services to deepen investors and stock traders’ understanding about trading. They introduced the volume and volatility indicators, which forecast the direction of US stock market indices more accurately than others. Their service includes their patented JavaCharts technology, which will allow instant access to MarketVolume®’s charts, without having to install any software and from anywhere around the world.

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