The 21th century has witnessed a rise in people taking the road in their bicycle as an attempt to spread the awareness for global warming. The trend caught on like wild fire from city to city and from country to country. Bicycles have become a favorable mode of transportation to combat the current trend of global warming and fuel consumption.

Recent survey has stated that there are three types of people who use the bicycle as their mode of transportation. The first type are the people who want to reduce global warming, the second type are the people to want to lose weight and the third type are people who cannot afford gas in their car. These three reasons indicate that there are only advantages to using bicycles as mode of transportation over the fuel run vehicles. With the increase in the use of these bikes, there has also been an increased demand for road bikes. Leading online stores like cyclingexpress has indicated a double in the sale of these types of bicycles. Some of the best road bikescome in a design that puts comfort first over others. It is usually designed for long rides and hence are the best sellers. Some of the highest selling road bikes have been the ones that are made from materials like steel, titanium, carbon fiber and aluminum. The overall look of the bike is almost entirely based on the kind of material used. It is therefore highly recommended to customers not to get carried away by how it looks.

The current 2012-13 market has indicated a greater leaning towards carbon fiber models as these are lighter in weight and more versatile. Frames also attribute highly to the weight of the bike. With the incorporation of sophisticated technology in the manufacture of these products, there is almost an endless list of models that can easily make it to the best road bikes category. For more information please go to

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