Maria Wasti: “I avoid doing soaps”

Mumbai, July 2016: Finite series are the in-thing on Indian television, not only for the audiences but also for the actors. One such TV actor is the multi-talented actress, Maria Wasticurrently seen as Malika in Malika-e-Aliyawhich is aired every Monday — Saturday at 9.50 pm on Zindagi. Maria prefers working for finite series over daily soaps. The actress who hasstarred in shows like Yeh Sasuraal Bemisal and Rehaaifeels that soaps are time consuming, go on indefinitely and one gets bored of essaying the same role for a long period of time. On the other hand, finite series give actors some time and space which allows them to give their best, and that characters are better etched in finite dramas. One example of this is her career defining role as Malika in Malika-e-Aliya who is unapologetic about her unusual ambition to be rich and will go to any lengths to make it happen.

Talking about her preference to choose finite series, Maria Wasti says, “I avoid doing soaps. because it’s too long and at times it becomes too boring and irritating in every way. It’s not a problem to work 7 to 8 days for soaps but what happens here is, they start requesting for the extension of days and restrict you from doing certain things. When you do a finite show, you at least know when it is ending and you are done with the stories before getting bored.”

‘Malika-e-Aliya’ is the story of a middle-class girl, Malika, whose dreams are very big and will go to any length to achieve her desires. Maria, the protagonist of the show, is bestowed with the title of ‘Maliya-e-Aliya’ by her mother. Malika is unlike other girls and has unique desires and always turns the tide in her favour to fulfil her dreams.  Will she ever realise her mistakes or continue with her planning and plotting?


Watch the twists and turns created by Malika to fulfil her personal desires in ‘Malika-e-Aliya’ from Monday to Saturday at 9.50 pm, only on Zindagi!


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