25, May 2016: Younger people would like to seek opportunities in large cities and indeed large cities are seductive for most people. However it is not easy to live in large cities. Middle class people do not have the deep pockets of the rich and lack of the preferential policy of the poor. With the increasing housing rent, they have to move into smaller houses to reduce overhead. Diana Brennan is a teacher of San Francisco unified school district in California. Originally she rent near the downtown and it is convenient for daily commute. But recently the rent went higher and higher, she had no choice but to find a suitable apartment in Auckland.

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Now she takes public transportation vehicles to go to work and it takes her more than two hours to go there and back. Once a day, she saw someone who carries a gizmo in a bus. That is Airwheel Z3 electric scooter. After knowing the performance and functions, Brennan bought one immediately.


From her apartment to the district she worked, it can be divided into three sections: riding Z3 from her apartment to the bus station; taking bus; riding Z3 again from bus station to the office. The advantage of this combination is the less walking as well as less time. Brennan can control the 2 wheels scooter very well since Z3 is easy to learn.

Of course, the folding system of Z3 electric hoverboard is the premise for taking it into public transportation vehicles such as buses and subways. The folding procedures or the unfolding procedures only need few seconds so it won’t hold-up time.


Yes, government will take measures to solve the problem of high rent price for middle class people but it takes time. Riding Airwheel Z3 not only saves the time of daily commute but also brings mirth. For now it is a nice solution.

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