Easthampton, MA — March 1, 2016 - The customized management training programs offered through the Management Training Institute such as Management Success and Coaching Skills for Managers are now being widely scheduled up and down the West Coast and across the country as well. “Management training programs offer an effective way to elevate the skills set of your management and leadership teams and set a benchmark for expectation for your supervisory staff” states Director of Learning, Suzanne Guthrie.

There is a wealth of training activity happening in key cities such as San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle. The economy is continuing to strengthen and employers are seeking out training initiatives for their teams to keep the staff they have and grow them into high performing and loyal leaders.

The key management training programs offered by Management Training Institute include Management Success, Coaching Skills for Managers and Leadership Edge and are highly effective and powerful due to the interactive and experiential quality of the management training program. “By customizing our management training programs to meet the very specific needs of each client, we ensure that our customers are getting an authentic training experience that will have a lasting impact on the development of their staff” notes Suzanne Guthrie. She adds “most management training programs are generic with diluted content to appeal to a wide variety of roles and industries. Our management training programs are unique in that we keep class sizes small and intimate to create an ideal learning environment. They are also interactive and experiential giving participants the opportunity to utilize newly gleaned skills and insights immediately.”

“Interest from the West Coast specifically has spiked” notes Training Coordinator Lauren O’Boyle. “We are actively scheduling dates well into 2016. This trend is a positive sign that the economy is strong and our management training programs are innovative and appealing to clients. We will continue to books management training programs across the states and internationally as well” concludes Ms. O’Boyle.

About Management Training Institute
Established as a global learning company Management Training Institute, and its parent company Bold New Directions, involves participants in experiential management training programs that transform the way participants perform at work. Management Training Institute provides management training programs to a diverse client base which consists of banking, health care, financial services, technology, manufacturing and higher education.

For More Information about Management Training Institute please contact: http://www.managementtraininginstitute.com or 1-800-501-1245.