(Free Press Release) jml Training is now increasing it‘s coverage of Business Management training for companies in France and other European countries with the additional service of the training being delivered in French and other languages.

Since 2005 jml Training has been using its high ranking midas-training-france.com website to promote training in the south of France. jml Training have been members of the former British Chamber of Commerce BCC Riviera (now known as the RBC Riviera Business Club) from 2003 onwards.

As there are now numerous multinational companies requiring management training services who are based in France, jml Training are now providing a much wider training service.

There are numerous UK and US companies that have offices in France and French companies with offices in the UK. They all require training services to the same standard and it is very important if this training is delivered by the same organisation. There are also many French companies who are looking for Business Management Training and now that this training and business coaching services can be offered in the French language. jml Training can also offer customer service training for French companies.

Apart from France, jml Training can offer French speaking business training in Belgium and Switzerland and using associate trainers who are fluent in languages can offer training services in Italian, German and Romanian.

jml Trainers regularly trained internationally and have worked in Romania, Morocco, Egypt, Russisa, USA, Granada, South Africa, Nigeria. Egypt, Nepal, India, Zimbabwe, Slovenia, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Bosnia, Malawi, Monaco, Russia, Sweden, The Netherlands and Zimbabwe. Amongst organization they have worked for are the UNDP, The Westminster Foundation for Democracy and the British Council. jml Training is registered with the British Council.

In many of these countries simultaneous translation is used.

jml Training does not offer open courses, so all the training takes places at the client‘s premises or selected venue. This means that the courses can be tailored to the individual client‘s requirements.

For more information go to http://www.midas-training-france.com/

Company Information:

jml Training and Consultancy is a specialist training company established in 1997 that offers "in-house" training courses to the private and public sector including government departments, local government. universities, colleges, councils and companies - both small & multi-national.

Apart from providing training services in the UK, its' trainers also train internationally.
The specialist areas include leadership and team development, executive coaching, management development programmes and diagnostic assessment, diversity and inclusion, customer service training, more information at http://www.jml-training.com/