26, October 2015: Smart phones and intelligent self-balancing scooters seem to be two kinds of products that are totally unrelated. However, choosing an Apple smart phone or an Airwheel electric scooter represent absolutely two different lifestyles.


High-tech products are upgrading in unprecedented speed. Taking Apple products for example, Apple launches new products almost each year. The Apple fans change their mobile phones to the latest version without hesitation. What a waste of money! Many people are phone-addicted and could not separate with their phones for a second. If the smart phones represent a high-tech but unhealthy lifestyle, then intelligent self-balancing scooters represent a high-tech and yet healthy lifestyle. Spending money to buy health or to sickness is just a matter of choice. Many people would rather waste time on technological products than on healthy ones. The intelligent self-balancing scooters only cost the money of an average smart phone.

Smart phones are good products to help kill the time. Here is the question. Would one prefer to spend time playing with their phones in traffic jams or getting rid of the traffic jam with an intelligent self-balancing scooter? Smart phones are not good for eyes and playing with it for long might do harm to the hands and the spine. Riding electric self-balancing scooters help to preserve the environment and keep people fit. As a commuting vehicle, Airwheel electric scooters consume only 1 kilowatt hour. It is definitely a low-carbon and energy-saving product. Above all, it frees urban dwellers of the hazard of traffic congestion. The agile and flexible product runs on sidewalks. It will not be daunted by the worsening urban transportation.


In particular for the college students, smart phones are products to facilitate life and do not get indulged in the virtual world. Stop wasting money to chase the latest trend on smart phones. Get an intelligent self-balancing unicycle to resume a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. Take more looks at the green world with an Airwheel electric unicycle instead of browsing the Internet on smart phones all day.

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