For makeup artists and consumers alike, the common conundrum has been utilizing the most out of expensive concealers and creams.  Bottled items such as cover-up, serums, and lotions that leaves product trapped inside have been a hassle for consumers for decades. Tossing bottles away that leave up to 25% of its contents stranded at the bottom makes for expensive trash.

Since the downward fall of the economy, consumers are finding savvy ways to draw the very most out of every item they purchase, cutting packaging, turning containers upside down and pounding away, using Q-tips or fingers; the process is not old, everyone does it. Having a tool that can help consumers achieve the desired result is in high demand.

Regardless of the product, packaging seems to make it impossible for people to use 100% of the product, for consumers who use expensive eye creams or serums this can be a frustrating and tedious task.  The bottom of the bottle and it’s left over contents can easily be viewed but unable to retrieve, this is not only an annoyance but costly.

New products have hit the scene to help frugal consumers achieve the goal of an empty bottle. The  beauty spatuala , also known as a  cosmetic spatula , has given freedom to consumers with empty bottles that aren’t so empty. These thin long tools with a curved spoon-like end assists in the ability to enter into most any bottle or jar and scrape the bottom, sides and under the cap.  

For makeup users this can save hundreds of dollars a year just by scraping the very last bit out. It’s now possible to get every penny out of expensive creams, makeup, lotions and serums and in the beauty industry, this is a monumental step in achieving cost effectiveness.

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