We would like to assure you that the tint kits provided by us are made up of window films of the highest quality provide by the top US window film manufacturers. We keep customer‘s satisfaction and convenience in mind and therefore, we provide window tinting kits and automotive which are made with DIY (Do it yourself) theme in mind. So users can fix the film themselves without any hassles with the help of the detailed installation instructions provided by us. The entire task can be completed in a short period of time.

We have window tint kits for both for your cars and home. In our car tint section, you will be amazed to find that we boast of films for thousands of models of cars right from 1980‘s to the present. So if you own a Hummer, Jeep, Land r\Rover, Lexus, BMW, Honda, Audi- we have window films for them and many more models. They are easy to install and users can fix them on their own.

Recently, we also have a collection of decorative windows and you can find our latest 30 designs too. We have an amazing range of such films for your home and with them you can give your home a refreshing look without spending huge bucks on them. You can choose winter energy saving films which busts the myth which many people have that window films are only useful in the hot summers. These are low-emissivity films that prevent the heat from escaping through the glass when the temperatures outside are cold and in summers they prevent heat from entering into the rooms thus keeping all the unwanted heat at bay, literally. We also provide solar control films that are effective in preventing 99% of harmful rays which can prove to be fatal because they are extremely dangerous rays that can cause skin cancer and damage to the skin to a great extent. Also, window tinting also help in protecting your furniture, carpets, curtains etc from direct exposure to sunlight and prevent them from damage like fading and help to retrain their sheen.

We, at SnapTint also provide other decorative films like frosted decorative films which are effective in providing privacy and are available in a number of patterns. The Architectural decorative films can add aesthetic apparel to your house, office or any kind of space. The Floral films will beautify to your house.

Thus, if you are going for window tinting, just rely on SnapTint and give your house or car a complete makeover with tinted windows. More Information visit our site: