Phone answering or call handling is a service that can be outsourced to a specialized company if your staff can’t manage that task. A business grows with its client base so at one point managing communication with potential or established clients may be difficult to handle. If your business is set up to operate worldwide with different time zones interfering, communication by phone is almost impossible to handle on your own. Find out how phone answering and call handling done by professionals may help a business expand extremely fast.


First of all professional help regarding call handling comes in extremely cheap. A company that offers that kind of service most likely has a large client base so they can maintain a good price for the work they provide. This could mean less worrying for you because multitasking becomes unnecessary. Hiring a receptionist to handle phone answering is also a thing that you don’t need to worry about anymore. A receptionist means another member in your staff…that means: another salary with vacation and pending payment for sick days. Plus you have to set up interviews first and review everyone before you make the right choice.


If you’ve ever conducted interviews before you probably know how hard is to organize one. You need to review resumes and talk with every person that you picked. That means you got to set up an appointment for everyone, spare some time to interview them, check the resumes, check the references to see if they’re real and the list can go on. There’s no need to do that if a company is doing the call handling for you. People dividing the tasks and working in teams, can handle that in a professional matter. When a call is made, setup special software indicates what company the client wants to reach. A trained person will pick up and provide all the information needed. After that you’ll get a full report from the person in charge of the task, explaining the reasons why your business was called. This is not absolutely necessary. You can have one or more persons working on phone answering just for general information.


Let’s say you have a business that ships the products you make worldwide directly to your customers and your business is a clothing factory dealing with different clothes for all ages and genders. After you created a brand, invested in advertising and created a website that’s translated in different languages, you start to receive different orders from across the globe. Besides any emails you might receive, many phone calls will be made regarding size, fabric and shipping (including the shipping costs). People often get confused when shopping. If no one will answer their questions they’ll probably choose another place to shop from. Imagine researching shipping to China. How would that work out for you?


Well with professional companies handling this you don’t need to. They will manage all the details after you explain the services you provide and the area that needs to be covered. This means you only need to concentrate on one thing: making good looking clothes!



Phone answering can be done the right way if you’re working with true professionals. You need to get it right fast, because how you handle your call handling can mean the difference from a closed deal and a closed account.