Mahira Khan: “I was told Fawad& I had zero chemistry!”

On popular demand, Zindagi airs Humsafar as part of #FawadFestival


Mumbai, July 2016: Loved by audiences all over, the blockbuster show,Humsafar has made Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan household names, with viewers in India falling head over heels for the romance between Ashar and Khirad. However, a little known fact, as revealed by Mahira Khan, the lead actress of the show, is that the director of the show SarmadKhoosat was not convinced about the casting of the lead pair as he felt that they were not convincing as a couple in love.  Little did he expect, that his lead pair would go on to make history as one of the most loved onscreen couples on television across nations. The highly admired show will be aired on Zindagi on 9th& 10th July from 2.30 pm onwards as part of the #FawadFestival.


Mahira revealed saying, “The biggest fear of our director was that the show will tank because according to him, Fawad and I had zero chemistry. He would always be telling us to rehearse more, to at least hold hands. But when the show went on air, our director called us and said, ‘Both of you are magic!”  Speaking on the magic of the chemistry, she adds, “We don’t get chemistry. We never did. What we had was the right attitude and we trusted each other.”


Humsafar is an emotional journey of Ashar and Khirad, who fall in love after marrying each other. The story about how two strangers with strikingly opposite personalities, Ashar (Fawad) and Khirad (Mahira), fall in love after an arranged marriage, Humsafar is a show about their trials and tribulations, and how they overcome the problems with the true love that they harbour for one another.


Don’t forget to catch Ashar and Khirad’s eternal journey of love this weekend. Enjoy the marathon episodes of this epic show and be a part of #FawadFestival.


Tune into ‘Humsafar’ on 9th& 10th July from 2.30 pm onwards only on Zindagi!