Mahi does an Anushka Sharma in Mahisagar!

~ BIG MAGIC’s Mahi is modeled on Anushka Sharma’s character in Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola ~




National,— Anushka Sharma’s character in Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola is said to be the inspiration for the look and feel of Mahi, the lead character in BIG MAGIC’s latest dramady show, Mahisagar. Keeping in mind that Mahi is a bindass, fun-loving small-town girl; producers styled Mahi’s wardrobe along the lines of Bijlee as they felt that Anushka’s character best resembled Mahi.


Another facet of Bijlee’s character that appealed to producers was Bijlee’s relationship with Baadal, the son of a politician.  The resemblance is so strong that producers have asked Dharti Bhat, who plays the lead character Mahi, to watch the movie in preparation for her role.


A light-hearted relationship drama from the hinterlands of Gujarat, Mahisagarrevolves around the life of Mahi, a sweet, carefree small-town girl who is pitted against her politically distinguished mother-in-law, Anusuya Mehta, when she falls for Ansuya’s son Sagar. What follows is an entertaining and light hearted drama of the heart v/s the brain. Mahi’s ‘dil se’ take on life often turns Anusuya’s prim and proper world upside down.


Tune in to Mahisagar every Monday-Friday at 7:30 pm only on BIG MAGIC!


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