Magneto Longboards has set the release date of their unique and new Bamboo longboard range. Those who are interested in finding a new set of longboards should check out this new range from Magneto Longboards and learn how to get a unique experience from using the new longboards.

It is given that many are interested in playing with longboards made from common materials. However, there are also those who are interested in trying or collecting those unique pieces made from other materials and this is what Magneto Longboards wants to provide now. People who want to know more about the awesome complete longboards of the company can watch this YouTube video ( to check out what the company can offer.

The longboards offered by the Magneto brand are all made from the finest materials and have unique designs that are sure to meet the different preferences of owners. Some of the complete longboards from their range of products are processed from cold pressed maple to the meticulously done assembly of the top of the line ABEC 11 bearings. As they are set to release this new bamboo range, people from the longboarding community and especially those who are interested in collecting longboards should not miss getting any of the products included in the range.

Through the upcoming release of the new line of products from the company, longboard riders and everyone in the longboarding community will get some idea on what they should expect from the new line. Also, this will help them anticipating for another fine selection of stylish and high performing longboards from the company.

Aside from creating some of the best and finest longboards, is also known for their active participation in the longboarding community. They make sure that they can always listen to what longboard riders would say or would want for their longboards and see to it that they can put something together based from what they learned from riders.

For more information about the products of the company and exploring more of what they can offer, visit their website at Those who are interested to know more about the products and other information, email [email protected] or dial 0203 1372137.

Company: Magneto Longboards
Address: 20-22 Wenlock road, London, N1 7GU
Email Address: [email protected]
Tel. No.: 0203 1372137
Submitted by: Jamie White