Magaliesburg is asmall village just westward of busy Johannesburg and Pretoria. The small village has a long geological history, lying just below the Southern Range of the Magaliesburg Mountains. Magaliesburgis also home to a variety of birds and indigenous woodland. 


Magaliesburgis the most intriguing village with the longest gathering historyand is also a fascinating region to explore. The grounds for this statement, is a discovery that had taken place around the Sterkfontein Caves. Sterkfontein Caves is a 20 minute drive from Magalies, where the remains of the earliest species of primitive man known today can be found.The birth of the striking Magaliesburg Mountain range happened several millions of years ago. When the internal plain and drainage wetland underwent massive geological turmoil, the area split into two sections, and the ground tilted to the north. The natural disaster shaped a line of two parallel mountain ranges, stretching for about 120 kilometers, from Pretoria, through Rustenburg to the Pilanesburg.


Today the small village has developed into a tranquil haven, with a number and variety of hospitality/ accommodation venues.  If you need to be in the hustle and bustle of a busy town, to party or to attend to some business,Johannesburgis a mere hour away.For the adventurousperson visiting the village, one should consider the wide variety in and around Magalies.



 There are adventures such as the; MagaliesburgCanopyTour, Mountaineering adventures; the Maggalies express train and many more. The art/history loversshould consider visiting the Angela Eidelman- The Spinneys Art gallery. Take a ride in the, Hot Air Ballooning - Flying Pictures and enjoy an English breakfast on sight. The Gold Mining activity, at the operationalBlaauwbank Gold Mine is also a sight to be viewed- aMuseum, within minutes of driving out of the village of Magaliesburg. Lacigale Health Skin & Body Spa is for those who want to spoil their bodies and relax the mind.



One would think that a small village like Magalies has nothing to do, however here are some hot activities happening throughout the year. In February, the Magalies hosts the Telkom Cycle challenge and Kormorant. In March,Om-Die-Dam - Road running Race, and UgeThabaPhuti Adventure Challenge takes place. In April, the George Archer 6 Day Circuit Race occurs and in the winter of July,LonminMagalies Monster and Adoons Mountain Bike Relay take place for all the mountain bike lovers. For the wine lovers,September is the month for you. Magaliesburg hosts the Cellar Rats / Woodlands Wine Festival as well as the Magalies Country Classic Festival.


In the present day, Magaliesburg has developed into a place of protection. Magalies is not only a bushveld, but a popular tourist attraction. The small village has become well equipped to welcome every individual to experience “home”, join the paradise and soak in the peaceful atmosphere and relax. has a number of Magaliesburg accommodation listings, where one can use their services to find a comforting, memorable holiday break.

We all deserve to relax and unwind after a long, tiring year and if you are looking for a vacation destination, you should put South Africa on top of your list. Indeed, places like Magaliesburg and Rustenburg will make the trip worthwhile and the best part is that they cater to all budgets.