Siyake Ram which is narrating the story of Ramayan from Sita’s Point of view has been keeping everyone a buzzed with the upcoming high points. The popular mythological saga, SiyaKe Ram has reached its biggest high point; Raavan kidnapping Sita.


Recently while shooting the apharan sequence Madirakshi who plays Sita injured herself.  The sequence required her to struggle and run because of which she ended up injuring her self. Madirakshi shared, “It was an important scene for us because it was the scene where Raavan (KarthikJayaram) kidnaps Sita. The sequence required me to run away from him during which I missed seeing the iron wired fence that was there. The fence fell on me leaving me entirely bruised. The shooting was stalled for quite some time. I couldn’t shoot until the next day and was on bed rest the entire time and the scene was postponed until I felt better.”

After the sequence the show will witness Sita being captured and staying at Ashok vatika. This track will witness Ram and Hanuman milan and also the beginning of the war.

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