Gurgaon, India; 26, May 2017: Website design and development companies apart from providing across-the-board web oriented services, also offer different kinds of web hosting service plans. Once a website is designed & developed, it needs to be hosted on a search engine’s server so that the portal goes live making it available on numerous web browsers. A website can be launched or hosted via any of the several web hosting options. The kind of web hosting plan that a website owner should opt for will invariably depend upon the purposes the site is going to serve and the budget. is a well known website designer in gurgaon with extensive experience in furnishing web hosting services.

As a prime website designing company in gurgaon, has steadily carved and cemented its goodwill by proffering a string of web hosting schemes including ‘ new website hosting service ’, ‘shared hosting services’, dedicated/managed web hosting service’, and ‘collocated hosting service’. ‘New website hosting service’ is exclusively provided to clientele who’re desirous of hosting a portal for the first time but don’t have the technical expertise to design and develop a site. furnishes such customers with a browser-oriented UI for constructing a website as well as undertakes the responsibility of hosting the portal without having to make any extra arrangement.

As far as the shared hosting services are concerned, numerous website owners manage their respective sites by sharing a single server. The website designing in gurgaon allocate a specific server to a group of site proprietors where they share not only the server but also take advantage of the software apps within it. This type of hosting service is very affordable as the operational costs of the server are collectively borne by those sharing the same. delivers Linux, Windows, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, phpBB, and many other CMS hosting solutions. Each and every hosting service has its specific benefits and drawbacks and it is totally up to the client to decide which hosting plan will be appropriate for his or her specific needs and preferences.

Madhavwebhosting firm also provides ‘Linux/Windows dedicated and managed/ dedicated’ hosting services. With dedicated hosting, the customer has exclusive and thorough access to a server. Since the client doesn’t need to share the resources offered by the server with other site owners, performance is never an issue. Websites that run into several web pages, use up a lot of systemic resources for efficient management, and most importantly need to be encrypted with SSL codes need to be on such dedicated hosting settings. A client opts for ‘dedicated/managed or collocated web hosting service’ when it needs to install its own software applications or scripts on the server., a recognized website designer in Gurgaon offers its clients a diverse set of tools in order to develop and host a site as quickly as possible.

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