The Heart of Luminous is an inspiring new illustrated story book written by Luna Zin, an American author from Salt Lake City. Luna is now seeking generous support on Kickstarter from this amazing book for children and she is welcoming parents and backers from around the world to support her. This Children’s Book is illustrated by Halley Bruno and the goal of Luna is to inspire children worldwide through this book.

“Each story in this book is inspired by either a different young warrior and or different difficulty she or he is facing.” Said Luna Zin, the author of The Heart of Luminous while talking about her book. The author is now seeking generous support and has promised to bring more books like this one for children. In addition, she is offering soft of hard cover of this book along with four posters signed by herself and the illustrator Halley Bruno as a reward to the pledges made in this Kickstarter Campaign.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and it offers several pledges with great rewards for parents and children worldwide. Supporters can back this book in soft cover with 2 posters for only $15. For $200, they will get 4 posters and 8 books as a reward. Besides parents, Luna is also welcoming teachers to get this book for libraries in their schools.

About The Heart of Luminous

The Heart of Luminous is an inspiring book written by an American author Luna Zin. The book is written with an aim to inspire children around the world and the author has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for this amazing book.

Contact Person: Luna Zin
Company: The Heart of Luminous
Address: 1222 west 630 south, Logan, UT - US
Phone: 435 764 0742
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