01, March 2016: Airwheel often owes its success to its principles because Airwheel holds on to some spirits. Today Lucia will specify these important spirits of Airwheel for us. The first is that Airwheel puts the need of end user first. Airwheel thinks its products are made merely for the need of users. The need of the user is the direction of R & D on the part of Airwheel.


Each time it pushes out new products, Airwheel usually waits for the feedbacks on its new intelligent electric hoverboard from the end users. Previously there was an end user gave her feedback on the handlebars of Airwheel S3. She thought the handlebars were too slippery. This posed a potential danger to the user. She sent e-mail to Airwheel designers and proposed the problem and the solution to it. Airwheel designers accepted her feedback and solution readily. Thus Airwheel revamped Airwheel S3 and designed the threaded handlebars.

The second spirit of Airwheel, Lucia figures, is the insistence on stylish design. The majority of users of Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter are the youngsters. They are into something novel and dislike something featureless. They go after the current fashion. They have an acute eye for fashion. Therefore Airwheel has to keep up with the current fashion in order to win over these youngsters. Airwheel has been in pursuit of fashion in design of its electric intelligent scooters. Airwheel A3, S5 and S3 bear a strong testament to this principle that Airwheel holds on to.


The stylish design and service cannot go without premium quality. Lucia makes warm compliment on Airwheel because it never makes compromises to quality. It sticks to the quality, adopting the high-quality material. It aims to keep a safe ride. The safety is the important pre-condition of design and service. Airwheel carries out this spirit in every model of electric scooter.

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