(Free Press Release) Offering efficient Thermo FEA Analysis Services for engineering projects at affordable cost!

OFEA Services Inc is leading Engineering analysis services provider offering effective Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Analysis, FEA modeling and FEA consulting services. Find more details at http://www.outsourcefeaservices.com/thermal-analysis.php

Our Thermo FEA Analysis services include:

  • Thermal design services
  • Heat transfer and heat flux analysis
  • Thermal conductivity modeling
  • Fluid flow design and modeling
  • Temperature projections and measurements
  • Differential Thermo Analysis
  • Thermo Mechanical Analysis
  • Thermo Gravimetric Analysis
  • Others

Benefits of Thermo or Heat Transfer FEA Analysis include:

  • Reduction in iterations of physical prototyping and testing
  • Reduction in production time and cost
  • Virtual testing wring out several design issues before the first prototype is built
  • Easy 3D representation of complex geometry in FEA model
  • Provides design insights which conventional testing cannot provide
  • Improvisation of overall quality and opportunity for innovation
  • Resource saving with high level of optimization

Our FEA Engineers carry out wide range of Thermo and Heat transfer analysis services using ANSYS, ABAQUS, UniGraphics, HyperMesh, SolidWorks and Adams. We provide FEA analysis service to industries like Metal, Medical, Automobile, Mold Tooling, Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Semiconductor and Electronics among others.

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