(Free Press Release) Looking for reliable and cost-effective Mailing List research and Database creation services?

Outsourcing Web Research firm has over 10 years of experience in harvesting web resources such as Search engines, Directories, Yellow-pages and others to deliver desired mailing list/database. This database can be used for Advertisements, Direct Marketing Campaigns and other business purposes. You do not have to invest in any costly software, infrastructure or training - we do all the work for you, making it affordable to outsource.

Mailing List research services include:

  • Research & create Database of prospective customers
  • Research list for inviting people for seminars/conferences/events
  • Research a database for prospective suppliers/dealers
  • Expand your existing database of business networking
  • Mail list creation for Direct marketing campaign
  • Validation of database
  • Other mail research jobs

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We employ a skilled and well trained web data miners and researchers with right techniques to generate quality direct mailing lists quickly with 99.5% accuracy. We collect very relevant data from various online resources, validates them and provide information such as addresses, emails, telephone numbers or other details as per your guidelines and standards.

Outsourcing Web Research firm is trusted choice of Marketing Managers & Business Developers to get effective Data mining, Mailing List creation, Data extraction and Online Web research services at affordable rates. We guarantee complete security and confidentiality of your data and information.

Some of the industries we have server include E-Commerce, Engineering, Finance/Insurance, Market Research/Promotion/Publishing, Healthcare providers, Hospitality, Government, Marketing & Distribution, Manufacturing and many more.

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