(Free Press Release) FEA Outsourcing is a leading finite element engineering service provider firm in India. We provide precision FEA fatigure analysis services, Fatigue analysis with solidworks, fatigue failure analysis with high quality at competitive rates.

We have expert team of engineers that have many years experienced in FEA engineering industries. We provide fatigue analysis services to prevent failure of a mechanical product or components under repeatedly applied loads. Our finite element fatigue analysis services to determine cause of the failure and so address structural issues and design. Fatigue analysis thus ensures optimal material selection and reduces repairing and re-designing costs.

Our team has extensive knowledge in technology of fracture mechanism and crack infiltration & growth, which in turn helps us to carry out FEA analysis and physical testing in a better way.

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We provide Fatigue Analysis Services include:

• Fracture testing
• High and low cycle fatigue analysis
• High and low temperature testing
• Threshold Stress intensity
• Creep/stress Rupture testing
• Weld Analysis
• Brazing Analysis
• Axial and rotating bending
• S-N curves
• Dynamic Tear testing

We provide fatigue failure analysis services to various industries such as general engineering, metallurgy, automotive, oil & gas, marine, and infrastructure.

We specialize in finding energy dissipation in stress-strain hysteresis loop, one of the main reasons for crack initiation and propagation. We not only help in determining crack growth rate but also find out other reasons for fatigue failure such as temperature, structural resonance, and material purity.

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