Offering complete engineering support for Bathroom remodeling/renovation project at affordable cost!

OSD Services is a full-service Home Remodeling designer dedicated to customer satisfaction with its rich experience in Bathroom remodeling plans. We can prepare detailed bathroom remodeling plans and drawings to best suit clients need, time and budget.

We communicate concisely with you to produce effective & customized Bathroom remodeling plans that will ensure your project will be completed on time and within budget. Our design/plan drawing and remodeling expertise makes remodeling your bathroom easy and hassle-free.

We work closely with Architects and Contractors in their bathroom remodeling projects for Residential homes, Leisure facilities, 2-3 Storey additions, Bungalows & Villas and many more. Our team can also help in express check your plans for local approvals. Find more details at

Our service portfolio includes:

  • Bathroom remodeling plans
  • Renovation design
  • Plans for local building department approvals
  • Floor plan drawings
  • As-built & Construction plans
  • 3D Rendering/Illustrations
  • CAD design/drafting/drawings

We consider following factors while drawing a remodeling plan:

  • Plumbing layout
  • No of people who is expected to use the bathroom
  • Client budget
  • Privacy in Shower & Toilet area
  • Client‘s lifestyle
  • Full or Half remodeling

Save 60% on your Bathroom Remodeling plan design/drawing costs by outsourcing to us. We can quote by job or by man-hour.

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