Pipe Creek, Texas, USA; 18 August, 2014: Heart of the Texas Hill Country 

There’s a new sheriff in town at Hot Rodney Hot Rods Hot Rod Art Prints. He goes by the moniker of VivaChas! VivaChas! is the branded title of digital photography done by Chas Sinklier a transplanted resident of the Texas Hill Country. 

VivaChas! uses half the proceeds from the sale of the Hot Rodney Hot Rod images to make a difference in the world. Chas was inspired by the book “Start Something That Matters” by the founder of TOM’S Shoes, Blake Mycoskie. Blake’s book is all about integrating helping others in need into your business from the very start. That’s what VivaChas! is doing at Hot Rodney Hot Rods. 

The web site http://www.hotrodneyhotrods.com comes out of a place called “The Club House”. It’s a small building on the property where Chas lives & works. The Hot Rod Art prints from VivaChas! are produced using third party venues for printing and shipping expertise. The only expenses outside production are web site related and that’s kept very low. That production method makes it possible for half the profits at Hot Rodney Hot Rods to go to charity. 

So what sort of donations do hot rod art sales at VivaChas! support with the “profits” from Hot Rod, Rat Rod and Pickup Truck Art Photographs? For starters Chas supports the work at World Vision International. There one can provide on a monthly basis the money needed by children in the needy places of the world. Right now VivaChas! is helping a child and her family in Guatemala. As funds become available more will be done there to help supply water and other necessities many Americans take for granted. Chas suggests everyone supports a child through World Vision. Here’s a link — http://www.wvi.org 

Closer to home VivaChas! also sends a monthly donation to the Abernathy Love Shack. Abernathy, Texas is about 400 miles North of Chas and the “Clubhouse” hidden away in the Hill Country. The hard-working staff at the Love Shack helps kids & teens learn what real love is all about. The Love Shack is a non-profit just as is World Vision. Closer to home, the “shack” as Chas refers to it provides help with homework, activities and food for kids and teens after school. Go to The Love Shack site — http://www.abernathyloveshack.org – and read their story. They step into the midst of a need in their community and make a difference. 

So — when you do business with VivaChas! Hot Rod Art Prints at Hot Rodney Hot Rods half the profit goes to World Vision, The Love Shack and other non-profits. VivaChas! and Hot Rodney Hot Rods gives Globally, Regionally and Locally as an integral part of their business plan. That is the VivaChas! — Hot Rodney Hot Rods story. Chas Sinklier the founder and resident artist at these internet businesses challenges others to make giving central not only in their personal lives, but in their daily work. ~:0) 

VivaChas! – VivaTexas! & VivaYou! 

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