Love can make a person or break a person completely

Emotional Atyachaar narrates a heartbreaking story of a girl who was left with nothing


There are great love stories which are used as examples like Romeo Juliet butthis week, Emotional Atyachaar shows the stark side of love alerting the young viewers. People go to any extent to be with their loved ones without even once thinking about the consequences. Such is the story of Charu, a 19 year old girl from Kanpur whose father was a famous jeweller in the city. It was here, at the store, where she met Shreyas who was a salesman at the shop.


Charu and Shreyas’ first encounter was a part of a prank she played on him. They talked and bonded every time she visited her father’s jewellery shop. Little did they know that their innocent friendship would turn into a relationship. Everything was smooth till one day her father found out about their secret affair. Charu and Shreyas had to face severe opposition. She was grounded and he was fired from the job but they still managed to keep in touch. As time passed, they were tired of sneaking around and decided to elope to be together.


One fine day, Charu and Shreyas stole money from her father’s shop, elopedto Mumbai and got married. The happy couple rented a house and earned their living but soon, Charu got pregnant post which she started noticing peculiar changes in Shreyas’ behaviour. She realised that he was detaching himself from this relationship. After in numerous incidents, Charu decided to take stern actions but before she could do anything to repair her relationship, she had to face the brunt of her mistake of moving out with Shreyas.


Why was it a mistake? What did Charu had to face at the end? Will Charu and Shreyas stay happily ever after?



To find out the truth about Shreyas,tune in to ‘Emotional Atyachaar 4’, on Saturday, 16thNovember 2013, at 7pm only on bindass!



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