Louis Vuitton may be one of the most venerable and well-respected brands in the fashion industry, but it is anything but stuffy and old-fashioned. On the contrary, LV has made a name for itself by constantly re-imagining classic designs and fearlessly creating new versions of iconic models and materials. One such example is the Louis Vuitton Damier Optic line. Australiaonlinestorex.com lists four fantastic and fearless variants of the Louis Vuitton Damier in the Optic collection.

The Louis Vuitton Damier Optic collection showcases LV’s commitment to fine craftsmanship. It is in this respect that the many who would like to copy the brand fail, and where LV’s one hundred years and more have always served it in good stead. The Optic line features thousands and thousands of tiny sequins embroidered in checked patterns to produce an eye-catching, standout effect. Here are three variations of the Damier Optic.

1. The Optic Mesh. This Damier material features the sequins sewn on nylon mesh field, with the check pattern composed of sequined squares and translucent nylon. The look is very modern, yet surprisingly delicate. In the viewer’s mind, the nylon is the futuristic version of veiling materials like tulle or chiffon. The Optic Mesh comes in yellow and brown and appears on the Speedy Cube, a more structured version of the Speedy with a bit of added height.

2. The Optic Cuir. The Optic Cuir edition of the Damier is composed of sequined squares on a matte calfskin base. The look that this creates is a very sophisticated one, especially with on a rigidly structured square bag with top handles. Overall, this purse can be stunning when carried the right way, by the right sort of woman.

3. The Optic Satin. The Damier Optic Satin features a dizzying number of tiny sequins stitched to form a flat, shimmering surface over a satin clutch. This clutch bag comes with a silver cubic lock, a satin lining, and an engraved mirror inside. This is a wonderful bag to carry for formal occasions. It is elegant without being fussy, and will give just the right amount of smartness and chic to a well-cut evening dress.

4. The Damier Illusion. The Damier Illusion material features a checked cut-out shaped like a rose on a suede Speedy Cube. This bag comes in camel and yellow variants, and is a wonderful bag to use during the daytime. The Damier Illusion is a bag that reflects a spontaneous and slightly eccentric personality and should be worn with outfits that embody this spirit of fun.

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