Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA; 06, October 2014: Weight loss is an important facet to regaining one’s health, as it has been scientifically proven that losing a few pounds can reduce stress on the internal organs especially the heart, reduces the blood pressure and enhances self esteem. 

Potent Organics

Many persons who have every tried to lose weight have always encountered the same problems such as which medication to take and how much exercise to do. Some persons have even placed their bodies under extreme stress resulting in multiple complications being suffered. 

Losing weight can be done naturally and will not poison the internal structures of the body or accumulate any unwanted chemical toxins. How this so, one is may ask? But utilizing a refined, proven and tested weight loss formula called Pure Organic Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss Formula with fat burner elements. This is a natural weight loss supplement that has the best premium quality being sold for only $22.40. 

The results of this famous organic weight loss formula has been featured on Dr. Oz’s television show in which he spoke of the potency of the green coffee beans. With this formula losing weight becomes easy because it boosts your metabolism and has been clinically proven to lower blood sugar levels. 

Potent Organic is sure of this formula as “studies have shown that this green bean formula help to increase weight loss by 2-3 times more than people who would naturally lose weigh with diet and exercise alone.” 

Unlike most other brands this product is the only invention that is made from USDA certified whole organic green coffee beans. While most companies who manufacture this formula use chemicals to extract the chlorogenic acid that is deeply embedded within their green bean weight loss formula, Potent Organic uses the entire bean to produce the most effective supplement. 

The most important aspect of Potent Organics’ weight loss formula is that it not only contains chlorogenic acid, but also fiber, natural caffeine, dicaffeoylquinc acid, neochlorogenix acid, feruloyquinc acid and powerful antioxidants. These ingredients are what make this merchandise more effective. 

“Scientifically proven to drop dress sizes, reduced belly fat, lose excess weight, block fat production, increase metabolism, increase focus and energy with no side effects and manufactured with the highest quality of pure ingredients.” 

“Try Potent Organics’ extra strength green coffee extract today and experience the cutting edge in natural, holistic weight loss at no risk to the health of the pursuant in getting healthy.” 

Manufactured by the Florida based corporation, Potent Organics, they have been manufacturing organic health products for more than three (3) years. The company is based online despite they have a land address as this is the most certain way of reaching their customers from all over the world. 

Lose weight naturally and easily, get the product that most have been dreaming of! Get it now at Potent Organics. Visit their office or website at 

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